Vacation 2003

On the road in Yellowstone you never know what you will find.
(He was not going to move so we waited him out.)

Don't piss him off.

Video (3.3 MB .avi) of him finally letting us bye.

Ran across this guy grazing in a campground.
(Actually, they are everywhere in yellowstone.)

Easy big guy.

Upper Falls (100 ft.) and Lower Falls (300 ft.)

Upper Falls

Lower Falls

Back Country
If you hike in Yellowstone, watch your step.

Very deep puddle, hot too.

What may look like a puddle on the trail is actually-
(very hot and very deep)

Some are small and some are HUGE!
(Those are walkways and people.)

When we arrived it was HOT!
126 F in Norris Geyser Basin.
When we left, it was cold.
38 F and steaming everywhere.

From hot to cold

Next stop - Grand Tetons

First Mountains for Zoe

Unless you are a serious hiker, not much to do in the Tetons so
Jackson Hole, WY was our next stop.
We thought a cable car/gondola ride would offer a good view.

Up, up and away zoegirl.

There really isn't much to the town around ski area.
But, the view was great.

At the top.

Zoe thinking big...

Ya - I can do this-

Well time to head home from this trip.
More to come next year as we follow the Rocky Mountains south.

One of the last sights before home was this wind farm.
We're starting to see more and more of them.

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