Vacationing Out West - 2003

(A quick recap from Grant & Zoe)

Great to be on the road-

Typical tourists

First stop - Badlands

I came, I saw and it was HOT!

On to Mount Rushmore-
At 7 AM on a Sunday morning, we had the place to ourselves.

Proud father crowding offspring.

Next Stop - Crazy Horse
All of Mt. Rushmore would fit in the head of Crazy Horse.

Time to cool off in Wind Cave-


A stop at Devil's Tower and some hiking.

Zoe studying for her Junior Ranger test.
She passed and got her badge.

Too much studying. I'm supposed to be on vacation.

On to Yellowstone-
We entered the park from the Northeast Entrance.
There were too many fires at the East entrance.  Road was closed.
Mammoth Hot Springs was our first stop.
(Geez was it HOT!)

Way too hot up here!

Down to the Old Faithful Inn to get checked in.
The geyser on the left is Old Faithful.
We watched many of the eruptions from the top of the carport
which was actually part of the bar.

In at the Inn.

Inside the Inn.
(Always cool and dark.  Built in 1904 is 7 stories high.)

Tall, dark and handsome.

Old Faithful
(Must have a picture of Old Faithful)

We want to get closer.....

Click for a panoramic view of Old Faithful geyser basin.
Old Faithful Lodge on left, Snow lodge on right, Old Faithful Inn in middle.

Zoe wanted to pet the Elk (all she elk, no he)

Not a petting zoo.

Castle geyser at the end of the day.
(Cloud in distance is actually a forrest fire.)

Night descends.

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