Vacation 2008 - West Coast


We took a quick tour around the bay.
Like I said, we never saw the whole Golden Gate Bridge again,
even when we were next to it.


Windy and cold..... And you could hear that foghorn every where in town.
(A short video bite.)

Alcatraz needed days in advance notice to get on, but our boat tour got us very close.
(This picture is actually from shore.)


The sea lion armada was always fun to watch and they never shut up.
We had dinner that night upstairs just to the left of the blue banner.

Sea Lions

(Another quick video bite as we cruised by.)

Thats it for this vacation.
Time to pack up and get ready for the
4:45 AM airport shuttle in the morning.

(I can't believe I got Zoe onto a plane before 6:00 in the morning.)

Sleep Deprivation

Daaaad! Put that F*&^% camera away.


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