Vacation 2008 - West Coast

2008 is the year that Zoe and I decided to visit some family in Portland, OR.
A drive down the coast and a stay in San Francisco completed the trip.

Our ride has arrived (Portage, Wisconsin)

Choo Choo cometh

We took an Amtrak sleeper for the trip out (something I always wanted to do).
The train is called the Empire Builder.

Here, Zoe gets settled into our room

Bedroom on wheels

 The train makes quite a few stops, but most are just quick enough to jump on or off.
Here we stop in Minneapolis, MN for a half hour or so. One of 4-5 longer stops.
After this stop the train stayed about full for the entire trip.

All Aboard

A newspaper slipped under the door in the morning, coffee and drinks always available
down the hall and white linen dining up a few cars with America sliding by the
 window made for a great trip.


(Do you know how hard it was to sneek out on the front of the engine for this shot? ;-)

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