Zoe's Treehouse

Zoe has been wanting a treehouse for the last several years.  Wanting to wait until she was old enough that she did not fall out of the tree, this year (1999) was it.  I had the time and we had the tree.  I had a fort when I was growing up, and I suppose the only reason it wasn't a tree house is that we did not have a tree big enough.  Now we have a huge maple right in the middle of our 500 ft. back yard.  Half of it slopes up from the base at a 45 degree angle making it perfect for a treehouse.  In the following pictures you can see what/how we did.

Building the floor.


Floor's done.  Now what Zoe?

In the picture above, you'll notice the two dark 2 X 10s sticking out supporting the very bright floor joist.  The floor (and later the house) just sit (no nails or screws) on those supports.  That way, when the wind is blowing, the treehouse just slides around a little on the supports rather than getting pulled apart by this huge tree.

The construction site.

This picture gives a bit of perspective to the 'job site'.  The deck/floor has already been painted and the walls are framed and the roof is up.  Unfortunately there was no grand plan.  Thinking a large deck up in the tree might be enough, that was the first step.  After that was done and Zoe asked where the house part would go, we were on to the next step of figuring out how to build a house on to a deck in a tree.

The queen inspecting her palace to be.

The finished product with the tire swing.  The deck is not shown well as it is out the back.  Yes, those are sliding screen/storm windows you see.  They were on special at the dump for a couple of bucks each.  Same with the door.  Hopefully, Zoe and her friends will get many fun years out of our efforts.