Welcome to our neighborhood.

Although this page is just getting started, I thought I would put up a few recent pictures.

Packer Time on the deck.

We are Packer fans, and on those days early in the season when the weather is nice, we roll the TV out onto the deck, hook up the cable extension and enjoy the game.  It isn't usually too long before we gather a good viewing section.  On the colder days/nights, we have a portable fireplace on the deck that we fire up.

Friends across the street.

Our good friends Dave and Heather live across the street.  Their beautiful backyard down to the water makes it the perfect place for quiet evenings or hot days by the water.

Can you can figure out what went on here?

Bubbles in the Night?


A little live Music?  (No country music here.)

Camping at the Nieting's

An acre in the back, surounded by tress makes nice camping.


More to come as I find time to browse our photos.