The ROPE & The BAG

In everyone's childhood is one of those favorite games that you always remember: "The "rope and the bag" is one of those from the Nieting family, born out of warm restless summers at the 'Summer Home' (near Rhinelander, WI). Our cottage was on a steep hill alongside a beautiful spring-fed lake. The idea was to be able to land on the bag from the 50-foot manilla swinging rope. If you could stay on the bag, the next person's job was to swing out and drop on the other end of the bag, and eject you up into the air and into the water. A "king-of-the hill" kinda thing.

The first thing you need is the rope-

1" round by 50 feet long attached at the water's edge.

Next, you need the bag-

Seen here munching on a small rowboat,

The players-

What can we say?

Time to get this show on the road. Up the hill and onto the balcony for a couple of high ones to warm up.

You can try it sitting.

Or standing. (your choice).

Be sure you catch the knot on the way down or you'll never make it to-


Suck it up! It's 40 ft.

Now it's time to start zeroing in on the bag.

You better hit just right or it's going to bite.

Not bad at all!

Who's Next?