Admittedly, the winters tend to get a little long around here. Snowmobiling gives us a good change of pace and gets us outside to enjoy some of the beautiful winter wonderland days. We still ride our vintage (old) sleds (sleds=snowmobiles for the uninitiated) but the fun factor is still high.

We all wait for that first heavy, beautiful snowfall (but cuss at it in March).

Time to get suited up!

There's nothing like cutting the fresh powder with a good friend,

Or enjoying the sites of the countryside-

But as things turn a bit competitive and you start pushing the speeds up, watch out for that missed corner.

When you're out sledding, you never know what you'll see. Sometimes it's a deer standing in the middle of the trail, and sometimes it's a little more bizzare-

But, as long as you dress comfortably, and always wear a helmet, you should have a great time!

Who was that masked man?

Don't forget to take a break and relax every now,

and then-

Safe sledding to all!