Skiing in Wisconsin

We try to make the best of the Wisconsin winters and get a little skiing in at least a couple of times a year. Twenty minutes to our north is Cascade Mountain, which remains our favorite due to the quick and easy trip with always good conditions. Devil's Head Resort is about 45 minutes away and offers a good change of pace with good skiing.

Please party responsibly.


It's always best to go with good friends. The long rides up the lift deserve good conversation and getting down is the fun part to share with those friends.

Always enjoy yourself.


Almost 20 years later, now skiing with daughter Zoe, this picture was taken on the same lift, at the same place, facing the same direction as the picture above.


Zoe standing on the top of Cascade Mountain.

Trying to make the best of long ticket lines.
(Skiing on weekends takes patience.)

Skiing in Arizona?

You bet!  Mount Lemon has excellent skiing due to the altitude, but the season is rather short.  Try it the next time you happen to be in Tucson.

                        Riding Arizona

Skiing one day and riding the next!