Florida Keys - 2006

(continued - 2)

Our plan was first to spend a day of two snorkeling,
then scuba diving.  We did our diving in Key Largo,
 mostly in the Marine Sanctuary there.

Our dive boat pulling out-

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...1

We cut through Key Largo on the way out to the sanctuary-

(Oh - Noes!)

"Daaaaad - You look stupid with the hat" says Zoe
"ZZoooeeee - It's windy and I don't want to lose it" says dad

Homie wanna be

First a bit of snorkeling.
Zoe was easily free diving to 25 feet.

I struggled a bit but got down there with the fishies.

We snorkeled around an old wreck.

Enough diving for one day....
We enjoyed excellent sunsets every night.
They were much better than any we saw in Key West.

Say Good Night

Next day:
Suit up and down we go-

The wildlife was fantastic-
They didn't really seem to care that we were there.

Self-portrait picture time-

Say Cheeze

Our last sunset in Key Largo

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