Florida Keys - 2006

(and other travels)

Touristas Again

We decided to wander a bit in the Smoky Mountains on our
way down to Florida.  We did the classic sign pose even
though by this time it was getting old.

Classic Cheezy Pose

I've been accused of driving a bit fast at times, but I swear,
I've never passed a Boeing 727 jet before.  Hmmmm....
(Honest, I'm on the Interstate!)

Slow Down Dad!

A quick stop to hang on Daytona Beach for a bit-

Next day a tour of Kennedy Space Center

Houston - We have a problem...

From a blast of the past-

To the way of today-

(Why does the term "Space Cadet" come to mind?)

Even checked in on the building of the space station.

A quick cruise of Miami before heading down the keys.

Think CSI - The Who playing, ...

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