Vacation 2004
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First stop of the day is at Meteor Crater (east of Flagstaff, AZ.)
The best remaining impact crator in the states.

No that's a whole

Never heard of this place before.
We have time so decided to stop.

Another sign pose.

Hmmmm...  Not much different than Mesa Verde, but smaller.
Definitely was the style for this part of the country.

Mini Mesa

Also, you can't be in this part of the country without seeing Saguaro Cactus.
We went through 1,000s of acres of them.

Major Cacti

I love airplanes, especially the unusual and different ones.
So, we decided to stop in at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, AZ which
has one of the largest private collections of planes in the world.

Sign pose - Pima Museum

This CH-54 skycrane makes quite the entryway to the Museum.

Skycrane intrance.

This museum is very cool!
You can see where they kick the tires and light the fires.
(The second picture is the tail end of a SR-71 Blackbird.


They have planes from Air Force One to the pregnant guppy.
This was President Kennedys' and brought back his casket from Dallas, TX.



A quick stop at White Sands National Monument before going on to-

Sign Pose - White Sands

Carlsbad Caverns.

Carlsbad Caverns

Main entrance to the cave.  You can either walk in this way.
Or, take an elevator down to the main room.
The walk to the main chamber is almost a mile underground.
That chamber is so big, it is more than a mile to walk around the outside of it.
(We took the elevator up - lol.)

Touristas in the cave.

An so ends another vacation-

Sunset - last day.

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