Vacation 2004
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Beginning of a new day.

Dawn - Day 4

Mesa Verde (cliff dwellers)
(Or literally "green plateau")
and another park pose.

Park pose again.

A quick stop at what is called four corners.
The only place where you can be in four states at once.

4 corners

On to the Grand Canyon

Park Pose - Grand Canyon

First looks do leave an impression.

Grand Canyon view

On to the lodge area.
Arrived just in time to see the steam train pulling in.

GC Steam Train

The view from our cabin's porch.

Caution!  Distressed Tourist!

Uh - Ohhh

Setting sun in the canyon.

Evening Canyon View

The next morning, we decided to do the mule ride down in to the cayon.
The ride is a classic.  They have been doing it for 75 years.
Early morning and it is 52°F which is while Zoe is wearing the rain suit.
By 1:00 PM down in the canyon it will be 104°F.

Mount'em up, head'em out.

The trail was pretty radical.
We always stopped our mules facing into the canyon.
That way, in case they are spooked by a rattlesnake, they back into the canyon wall.
Not over the edge

On the trail

Out on the plateau, the terrain changes drastically.
Here you can see some of the cactus.

Trail on the plateau

Finally a glimpse of the Colorado river.
Or is that Wonka's chocolate river.
(No photo retouching.  That is how muddy it is.)

Colorado river

Even though it was 104°F, they make you wear long sleeve shirts and pants.
That way, when they hose you down with water to keep you cool, you stay wet.
(Heat stroke on the plateau used to be very common until they started wetting down everyone.

Say cheese for the camera.

See that trail in the middle of the picture?  That is where we just came from.
Plateau Point was our destination (shown in this picture).
A trip all the way to the Colorado River is an overnight expedition.

Plateau Point

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