Camping on the Sandbars

On the Wisconsin River there are dozens of places you can pick to set up camp. Whether you want acres of sand to spread out in and enjoy the sun, or-

you can pick a small opening off the shore and into the woods (watch the poison ivy and bring bug spray).

Fishing seems to be the past time of choice out here. First decide which way you're going-

Then start casting under the banks looking for that big one. River walking shoes are nice to have, but since every where you walk is usually clean sand, you're free to wander-

Admittedly, after pitching camp and fishing in the hot sun, it's nice to sit around and have a couple of cold ones with friends.

Be sure to hit the water often or find some shade. Heat stroke can get to the best of them.

Then again, peace and quiet is easy to find so bring your favorite reading material and something to sip on and catch some rays-

Take a canoe ride through the back-waters and channels.

Or, how about a romantic dinner for two (sandbar style, of course).

Ya'll come back now ya'here!